Each year our family throws a history celebration in our home where we display the things we have learned that year for friends and family to enjoy.


This past year we learned about the Renaissance Period, so in September we threw a Renaissance Celebration. Previous years’ celebrations have included The Ancient Times, The Middle Ages, and The Pioneers (1800’s).



We spent much of the year working on a Renaissance Unit Study, which contained many fun projects for the kids to work on.

We displayed these projects on a large table for our guests (friends, family, and neighbors) to browse through.


What’s a celebration without food? A quick search on the computer provided a large selection of Renaissance Period foods.

We chose a handful of simple recipes and spent the afternoon preparing food for the celebration.

We displayed the recipes, along with a history of each food item.


We had many arts and crafts projects set up for the children to work on: drawing, coloring, making masquerade masks, playing with a homemade Shakespeare Puppet Theater, and more.


We displayed a Renaissance Period Timeline, along with some of our artwork.

The kids had fun dressing up as knights and princesses and running around in the backyard.

Some of the children got together to put on a spur of the moment play for the others to enjoy.

We also enjoyed learning about the Masters of the Renaissance.

All in all, it was a wonderful evening spent visiting with friends and reviewing what we had learned that year.

Our Family’s History Predicament: Choosing a Favorite Time Period


CHALLENGE: Has your family ever hosted a history celebration? If so, we’d love to hear about it!