A Unit Study Lesson Planner is essential for every homeschooling family.

As a homeschooling mom, I had a hard time finding a lesson planner that met my needs, so I designed my own.

This six-page, black-and-white lesson planner quickly became a favorite planning resource.

It is useful for any type of lesson plan, but is especially useful for organizing unit studies.

It doesn’t use up a lot of ink when being printed, and it has all the categories I needed, including sections for:

  • 15+ subjects (math, art, reading, field trips, scripture verse, character study, and many more…)
  • Goals
  • Assessment questions
  • Spelling words
  • Vocabulary Words
  • Day of Week scheduling
  • Library Books
  • Online Resouces
  • Needed Supplies
  • Timeline
  • and more…

Download the planner today for the limited promotional price of $3.00.

My hope is that it will bless your family as much as it has our family over the years.

Happy Planning!