“Come see our castle,” the kids said, jumping up and down with excitement.

The cardboard castle, their afternoon creation, made me smile, and it immediately brought to mind a memory.

I chuckled to myself as I remembered how, many years ago, I was determined to study only one historical time period each year. Would it be American History? Medieval Times? The Renaissance?



Long story short, I was never able to narrow it down to just one historical period of study, and this past week was the perfect example of why:

WEDNESDAY: Learned about Thomas Edison (Early American).

THURSDAY: Learned about Copernicus (Renaissance Period) and Ptolemy (Ancient Times).

FRIDAY: Read a book about The Explorers to my son (Early American).

SATURDAY: On the way to Grandma and Grandpa’s, taught the kids about the Huguenots (Renaissance Period) and how their history of being persecuted was directly related to the rescue of persecuted Jews (and others) on the French Plateau during WWII (Modern Times).

SUNDAY: Discussed with the family the book I’m ready which tells how Moses (Ancient Times) relates to the Pilgrams and Founding Fathers (Early American History).

MONDAY: Studied the history of Jared and his brother (Ancient Times).




TUESDAY: Kids made cardboard castle (Medieval Times) and I began reading David McCollough’s “The Wright Brothers” (Modern Times) to the kids, at the request of my son.




See what I mean?

We do have an official “Renaissance” theme for the year, and we’ll be having a Renaissance Celebration to mark the official end of the year, but we sure have a hard time leaving the other periods alone.

Isn’t history so much fun?!



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QUESTION: Learning together is a wonderful way to connect as a family. Our family enjoys learning about history. What does your family enjoy learning about?


UPDATE: Read about our Renaissance Celebration HERE.


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