When I saw my teenage daughter baking these gluten-free apple hand pies, I knew they would make for the perfect baking class for children.

Simple to make, fun to eat, and made with healthier ingredients, these miniature pies are a hit for children and moms alike.

From the gluten-free pastry crust¬†to the naturally-sweetened filling, these little bitty pies make for happy hearts — and tummies.


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Nothing is more fun than gathering together with friends and family in the kitchen, so I scheduled a baking class for children and supervised as my daughter taught the class.

Children ages 7-9 attended the class, however, even younger children would do well in this type of class with the assistance of an adult.

What child doesn’t enjoy rolling out dough, cutting circles, pressing miniature apple cookie cutters into the top crust, spreading egg on top using a pastry brush, and sealing the edges of the pie with a fork?

Sometimes we forget how much fun it is to be in the kitchen!

(Especially when wearing a cute apron!)



Baking in the kitchen is always an adventure filled with interesting tools and gadgets, and a variety of tastes and textures.

The pleasure of the pie-making fun, however, will surely be surpassed by the heavenly apple spice aroma that will come from your oven as the pies bake.

And, oh, just wait until you bite into the flaky crust and sweet apple filling.

It will feel like fall has arrived.

Happy Fall, Y’All!

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