Family-friendly science projects are so much fun! In this post, I share details of recent science projects that our family enjoyed doing together that were both fun and educational. A win/win for sure!


I decided to put together a kitchen chemistry class to allow them to put their new knowledge to the test.


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I googled some ideas and came up with a couple I thought would work well.

  1. We made our own indicator to test the pH of different household products: an orange, olive juice, hot sauce, baking powder, contact solution, hairspray, and more. It was fun guessing what color the indicator would turn to, and we were often surprised by the results.
  2. We made tortillas and salsa. The baking powder in the tortillas causes a chemical reaction, and the tomatoes in the salsa are very acidic–both lessons in chemistry.

We had a great time but, of course, the best part of all was eating the tortillas and salsa.

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One day, while reading a cooking book, my daughter, who has a deep dislike for science, said, “I know what I want to do! I want to do an experiment in the kitchen by making cupcakes and leaving one ingredient out of each cupcake. I’ll write down a hypothesis beforehand and then record my findings after the muffins have been baked and tasted.”

She was so excited about doing food science that I encouraged her to start immediately.

Into the kitchen she went. She pulled out 12 bowls, divided the muffin recipe into 12ths, made a note by each bowl as to which ingredient was missing (for instance, one bowl was missing flour, another salt, and so forth), and had the twelve individual muffins whipped up in no time.








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After observing and tasting the finished muffins, she wrote her findings down next to her hypothesis. She had so much fun doing this experiment and plans to enter it in our local science fair.




Some time ago we attended the ISEF World Finals Science Competition. It was so fun to see kids from around the world dressed in their customary clothing and speaking their native language. We enjoyed visiting with many of them about their projects. What science competitions are offered in your area?





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My kids love keeping science notebooks where they draw pictures and record what they have learned. From botany and earth science to zoology and astronomy, every science subject can be recorded in a science notebook. (Psst…it is SO fun to look back on these notebooks as your children get older and remember the science concepts that were learned!)






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Dissecting owl pellets is a kid-friendly activity! By dissecting a pellet, you can tell what the owl ate. It is so fascinating to piece the miniscule bones back together to identify the animal. A bone identification chart is included in the packet






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What types of family-friendly science projects would your family enjoy doing together?

I love hearing from you! Please take a moment and share your thoughts in the comments below.



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