Someone hacked my website last night with a PRIVATE post about making mud cakes.

Mud cakes, of all things.

I was deeply concerned until my daughter confessed that she was the culprit.


When did she learn how to post something onto a blog?

Seriously, children these days seem to be born with the natural ability to use technology.

I read through her short post again and have decided to make it PUBLIC.


6 Questions I Ask My Children On A Daily Basis



Did you know that being outside with nature has health benefits?

If you walk barefoot on the dirt or grass, that is called grounding. Grounding helps relieve stress.

Plus, if you are in the dirt, you can make mud cakes like the one pictured.


Here is the recipe:

1. One cup of dirt

2. Half cup (or more) of water

3. Flower petals and leaves for garnish (Optional)



Mix dirt and water in a bowl. Put the mixture on a plate and add garnishes. Place in the sun to dry.


Have fun!


QUESTION: Has your family experienced the benefits of outdoor play? What are your favorite outdoor activities?



Mud Book: How To Make Pies and Cakes



Benefits our family has enjoyed from spending time outdoors include:

  • less anxiety and depression
  • more creativity
  • increased imagination
  • improved health
  • increased happiness
  • deeper connection with family and friends


The sky is the limit when coming up with activities to do outside. Here are a few suggestions: Backyard Play: Creating Magical Memories


Few things inspire my kids to want to go outside more than reading a good adventure book about the great outdoors.

One of our family favorites is recommended here:

RECOMMENDED READING: Read about a young boy’s outdoor adventures in the wildly popular book My Side Of The Mountain.


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