As one who is passionate about genuine connection, I found it impossible to hide my delight recently while spending an afternoon in the park.

Children were seen everywhere–on the playground, at the ball courts, barefoot in the grass.

But what really made my heart smile was the sight of the parents who, without any visible sign of technology in hand, were laughing with their children and visiting face-to-face with other parents.


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The weather was beautiful and everyone seemed extraordinarily happy. As I sat on the grass enjoying the moment, I felt an unusual desire to jot down some poetry.

Reaching for a scratch piece of paper from my purse, I penned a few lines about what I was seeing take place all around me.

Today, I returned to that park and had a repeat of the same experience.

I pulled out my unfinished poem, added a few more lines, read it through one final time, and then smiled, for I realized that, in a moment of haste, I had managed to pen a simplistic poem that had captured my emotions perfectly.


God’s beautiful creation.

The healing power of nature.

The joy of genuineĀ connection.






Clear blue skies,
children at play,
on this lovely spring-like day.

Children climbing up stairs,
rolling down slides,
soaring on swings,
so many fun rides!

Parents, tech-free, laugh in delight,
their children running to and fro,
what a beautiful sight!

A picnic table lunch,
playing in the sand,
kicking balls back and forth,
life outside is grand!

Birds and trees,
bugs and bees,
a soft breeze in the air.

God’s creation,
nature medication,
was meant for us to share.

Outdoor delight,
in the afternoon light,
has left us without a care.

Memories in the making,
filled with laughter and glee,
nature is such a blessing,
Father in Heaven, we thank Thee.


QUESTION: When was the last time you spent an afternoon in the park connecting with family and friends?


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